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Thank you to everyone who joined us on Saturday, October 14th for all of the fun and festivities at our first Founders’ Day. Chef Chris and Don served up delicious burgers and sides, Dan Huston pressed some serious cider from fresh apples, we made sculptures with Erica Kjorlie Geery and went fishing in the pond with the help of Ryan Kuhn, all while amazing volunteers greeted folks and handed out buttons like “ask me when I went to Raintree,” and sold heartwarming commemorative items like t-shirts, cards and Halloween themed piñatas.

Nearly everyone came to hear Spencer Lott tell us “how to get to Sesame Street.” He delighted us as he guided us in an interactive lesson on puppetry.

We gathered together again at 3:00pm to hear a touching poem by founding Friends of Raintree member, Hossein Gerami, and to be part of a special and emotional Founders’ Day gift to Keith and Lleanna McReynolds, followed by a lovely rendition of the Raintree Song.

We closed out the day enjoying the fantastic music of Benjamin Cartel & Friends while finishing up the “Keith McReynolds Raintree History Challenge” Scavenger hunt, playing mini-golf, flying kites, playing pumpkin tic-tac-toe or just enjoying sharing time with friends.

We were very excited for the long-awaited arrival of the Raintree Coloring Book, full of Lleanna’s beautiful drawings. For those of you who were unable to join us in person, you still have the opportunity to get your own copy with a $25 donation.

Friends of Raintree board member, former Raintree student (1979-1982) and former parent (2006-2019), Cindy Bracker Sturm, shared a poignant message about her Raintree memories, and her family’s deep ties to Raintree as she announced and launched our campaign “100 Give $100” here’s an excerpt:

“We are here today to celebrate all of the wonder and beauty of Raintree, to celebrate the hardworking founders of this school and the dream they had when they opened it 46 years ago. But we are also here to preserve its past and to ensure its future, and I’d like to share with you an important goal and some incredible news. Today we are announcing a campaign called 100 Give $100, and we are hoping that we can find 100 people whose lives have been touched by Raintree to donate $100 each. Now, if you are quick at math, you might believe that we would raise $10,000 from this campaign, but…here’s where the good news comes in. I’m also thrilled to say that our board secured $10,000 in matching funds for our 100 Give $100 campaign.”

We hope that you will join us in this campaign to ensure that we are able to extend the incredible Raintree experience to families who may be struggling to provide this opportunity to their kids

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