December brought two big events for Friends of Raintree.  The first was a special coloring book signing with Spencer Lott and “the Raintree goat” on December 12, the second was the Inclusive Art Market a few days later at the Lied Center on December 16.   Notes and pictures about these events below!  thanks to everyone who attended and worked on these events!  Check out this note from the goat:
Next – a big thank you to Taylor Overton, our newest board member, for inviting Friends of Raintree to join her Inclusive Art Fair held this past Saturday, Dec. 16. Taylor is not only a Raintree Alum, but also one of the founding members of Black:30 and our enviable host of the event.
Tamara, Haley and I were invited to share a table with Taylor’s mother, Cindy, in the sunshine filled atrium of the Lied Center. It was a busy day from start to finish.  Mayor Bart Littlejohn and other representatives from the city and KU were there to kick off the event with a ribbon cutting (and I got to hold one end of the ribbon!)
We received $632 (net donations) for coloring books, notecards, Gibson’s books, aprons and bags! We talked with many Raintree Alumni, spotted a few past and current board members and had a wonderful time at an event enjoyed by so many!  We were constantly treated to fresh bottles of water and delicious passed hors d’oeuvres at 4PM

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