Mission Statement

Friends of Raintree, Inc.’s purpose is to raise funds to help benefit the education of children who want to attend or currently attend Raintree Montessori School and to promote the goals and educational ideals espoused by Maria Montessori.

What is Friends of Raintree?

Friends of Raintree (FOR) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to support and improve the educational experience of every Raintree student by ensuring students have all the necessary resources and support to be successful.

The function of FOR is to implement this mission and raise funds to support those goals. Raintree Montessori administrators, staff and parents may attend board meetings as non-voting contributors, discussing topics that align with the mission of the board. The board has no influence over Raintree Montessori administrators, teachers or staff.

Why was FOR started?

Many former students and families over the years have sought ways to give back to this school that has meant so much to them. Running a Montessori school while keeping tuition affordable is a challenge, so it was a natural extension to start a non-profit that allowed caring people to reinvest and give back to benefit current and future students.

Why doesn’t my tuition cover all the costs that FOR supports?

Current tuition covers the costs of building and property maintenance, updating and expansion and staff and teacher salaries and benefits. FOR will provide additional resources and support not covered by tuition. Funds raised on behalf of FOR will focus on

  • staff development
  • financial aid for families
  • making inclusion and special educational services available on site
  • promotion of entrepreneurship among students

How can I support FOR?

Because Friends of Raintree is organized as a not-for-profit, all gifts made to the organization are tax deductible. Donations may be made to the Friends of Raintree in care of the school. All donations will be utilized for one of the purposes listed above. You may specify any one of these areas or make a general donation. Additional donation information will be available soon on the FOR website and Facebook page.